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07/10/2003 13:20:36   James   Hello all, this may seem like a strange one to post, however, many guides tell me to expect 30MPG from my 96v4 and currently I'm getting nearer to 37-38 ish MPG, that's with a mix of driving. No, I don't drive it like a granny, I have been thinking I drive it a bit too hard! What's happening?
08/10/2003 13:15:57   steve h   I used to get 35 when i could be bothered counting. Maybe you have a good car/non opening thottle/blocked main jet/ manifold air leak/split engine crankcase breather pipe/light foot. What colour are your spark plugs when you take them out. If white - you have an air leak and will need to fix it to stop your head from burning. If light chocolate brown you have a good car/light foot.  
08/10/2003 15:03:01   Alistair   I think you just need to wring its neck a bit more...

I never got more than low 30s, whether standard or modded and mostly 27-30  
08/10/2003 16:39:28   Richard   Right, below 20mpg on the shed flat out and 6 - 10mpg on the slime green beast. We average 10 mpg on a rally with 100+ road miles/45 stage miles. This is better than a Escort BDA at 3mpg on the stages.
The std car is in the 30+ mpg area and the shed will return 28+ mpg normally.  
08/10/2003 18:17:06   Alec   My V4's have always been between 28 and 34 and no more.  
08/10/2003 18:40:04   James   Right Alec, I'll check it in a more 'scientific' manner and get back to you. Could it be that the engine is in such good nick, ie only 50k and sitting in a garage for 23 years? It does run like a new car with absolutly no running problems.
09/10/2003 09:02:57   Alec   Could be just a good one as you say. Presumably you are filling the tank both times to calculate how much you have used. If the car is on a slight slope then it will vary how much fuel you get in it.  
09/10/2003 21:37:40   James   I actually put in exactly 25 litres each time as I add valve master - I then calculate miles travelled divided by gallons... I think this is the best way of doing it!?!
10/10/2003 00:03:43   Alistair   You need to brim the tank to get a consistent reference point - how are you sure that before you put your 25l in the tank is at the same level as last time? Although the V4 tank is 8 gallons, I usually only got about 6 in from the red light coming on, which is what, about 27l (!?) so you could just add a bit more of your additive & fill it up.  
10/10/2003 23:24:40   James   Point taken, I'll try a slightly different method and re-assess. Thanks

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