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09/08/2002 19:45:00   Gareth Earle-Payne   Does anyone out their have an inlet manifold for the v4 which would allow me to fit a larger carb than the standard fomoco item? i am looking at something like a 32/36 dgav but if anyone has any suggestions then it would be good to hear them. Having just bought a saab 96 it is good to see a discussion group to support it  
09/08/2002 20:42:00   Alec   Gareth,
Welcom to the fold ! You can buy different manifolds and carbs from motorsport sweden. You will find a link to the site on my web site.  
12/08/2002 12:36:00   Jake   a friend of mine and 96 owner has one spare i'll mention this to him when he gets back of holiday this week he is also a good source of information on the tuning aspects of the v4 so it could benifit you to make contact, the main thing is to have fun with these cars and in so doing it keeps them alive garith are you in the uk?  
13/08/2002 13:35:00   Gareth   I would be most grateful for any information on tuning the v4 engine and can be contacted at I am in the UK alternating between the swindon and Portsmouth areas. The saab goes for its MOT tommorow so i'll let you know how it gets on
Thanks to all for the responses

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