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14/10/2003 12:55:36   Richard   It has been anounced that there will be an old style RAC rally next year. Calling itself the Roger Albert Clark it will be a four day rally around the UK for historic up to classic rally cars with modern 2wd cars. Service is to be Limited, so it should be good!  
14/10/2003 17:28:29   Nick   I would be interested to know more details about this, do you know any more?  
14/10/2003 22:25:20   Tom   Someone at work was telling me about this yesterday. Apparently they don't want to give it too much publicity because the policing will cost too much. That's all i know to add.  
15/10/2003 11:20:44   Alistair   A proper RAC rally again, fantastic news! Hopefully they'll run it blind, get outside Wales and even do some night stages?!  
15/10/2003 12:48:46   Nick   Seems rather stupid not to publices something on those grounds....haven't they heard of sponsorship etc?  
15/10/2003 19:12:45   Nigel   Today's Motorsport News has a big spread on the proposed rally, on pages 12 and 15.
The event was launched last Thursday in Sheffield.
210 stage miles for 2000.
Day One. Nov. 20 2004
Prologue stage in Sheffield
Day Two
Lake District stages
Day Three
Southern Scotland
Day Four
Kielder and North Yorkshire  

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