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14/10/2003 21:06:42   Anthony Shingler   Hi, Recently bought a saab 96 in carolina blue, needs tidying etc, but has lots of potential!!!. Ive come across a small problem though, the keys do not fit the boot lock, Ive managed to take the lock off and 'unlock it' but id like to get the barrel out of the lock to check the number (if any) or get a key to fit. However i have followed the haynes manual and made a wire insert to detach the barrel but it asks you to turn the key 35 degrees - which i cant do because my key wont turn it any ideas????????????  
15/10/2003 08:33:38   Alec   No, other than give the whole thing to a locksmith to see if he could sort it out.  
16/10/2003 16:38:47   Richard   I would find a locksmith or buy a new lock with a key.  
20/10/2003 08:18:20   Tom   I have a locksmith friend in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire who has recently done some work on my V4 locks and he's interested in doing more car lock work. Let me know if you want to send it to him and i'll supply his details.  

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