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15/10/2003 17:38:44   Tamsin   Does anyone know a V4 expert anywhere near Plymouth, Liskeard-ish area? My 1973 96 is juddering on moving off, and the classic car garage that looks after it has said 'engine-out-new-clutch', and wants to recon the gearbox at the same time. I'd just like a second opinion from someone who knows what a 96 gbox should sound like..!  
15/10/2003 18:51:02   Alec   I'm sorry but I don't. Are you in the SOC? If so you could try and use TAS to locate another owner.  
15/10/2003 22:48:58   Tamsin   Thanks - good suggestion. I used to be, but the car was stored for a few years til this spring, so I let the membership lapse. I shall go to the site now and join immediately!  
15/10/2003 23:24:07   mark   I think the rear gearbox mount has gone.Also the valves could be sticking my 96 has been off the road for 13 years I've flushed engine and gearbox with diesel cleaned the carb filled with fresh petrol sweet as a nut now but the rear mount went so it judders when moving off  
16/10/2003 08:43:47   Nick   I have recently had a recon box and Highgate clutch fitted. The car now judders quite alot when moving off but was 'sweet as a nut' before the swap. could this also be the rear mount and if so is it easy to replace/adjust without taking the engine out again?  
16/10/2003 12:42:58   Richard   Any mountings can cause judder and that includes oil infected engine mounts. If you have had a new clutch and re-surfaced flywheel (like the Highgate one) then it would normally point to something else causing the problem.  
16/10/2003 13:33:37   Nick   I was hoping you wouldn't say that. The last few months have been a total headache having all this work done and getting it all setup properly. Is there any way I can check the state of the engine and gearbox mounts without removing the whole drivetrain? What else could be causing the judder if it is not the mounts or the clutch?  
16/10/2003 23:09:36   chris   if the gearbox sounds like a underground train its a goner also check the color of the oil if its a silver grey the bearings are worn if if its clean you might be ok its important to refll to the right level.Is the exhaust clear the tailbox not home to mice if it been stored?  
17/10/2003 23:10:41   Tamsin   Thanks for suggestions everyone - am I right in thinking that if it only judders on moving off, and that the clutch is not slipping at other times, then it is unlikely to be a problem with the clutch itself?  

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