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16/10/2003 14:05:59   Richard   .  
16/10/2003 17:45:15   James   Is this a minimalist posting? If it is I'd like to add

17/10/2003 09:09:08   Alistair    
17/10/2003 12:35:36   Richard   Yes its a code. I need a /.
17/10/2003 13:13:48   Nick   I've got a couple of ../__.. if anyone is interested?
I think the /. is hard to come by but you could try Highgate or bodging your own by splitting a // and welding it to a shortened ___..
Good luck  
17/10/2003 18:33:08   Alec   It's useful information like this that sets us apart from the crowd :)  
17/10/2003 20:04:06   James   I once needed a " to end a conversation and couldn't find one, so I tried to put two ' together but it didn't work! The gaps ended up to big, it looked like this ' '
Any advise would be appreciated or if anyone has a second hand " I'd be interested.
ps the conversation is still on-going  
22/10/2003 20:10:09   jake   this is just the incisive stuff that is sorly missing on other saab sites these comments are punshy informed and refreshing there is just not enough of it around i found a loose " in the boot of a used saab i once bought and put it away till i found a match but i think i took it out when iwas changing a wheel and forgot to put it back in the boot when i was finnished and it was ages before i noticed it was gone it broke my heart to think of it all by itself lying by the side of the road so i bought my self a couple of;; i keep them in the glove box you don't think i'm strange do you  
23/10/2003 07:50:34   Richard   I was playing with my 00 the other day and I found a ! between them, dont know what its for though.  
23/10/2003 08:44:50   Alec   Now, now Richard - keep it clean please!  
23/10/2003 12:28:53   Richard   Ok a wrap across the o000o and here is a nice clean picture -o=0=o-.  
23/10/2003 13:03:18   James   Nice one!;-)  
02/11/2003 12:18:13   s   ---o-O-o---
07/11/2003 07:59:49   ian   found a nice pair of these O O in stock but they are two-strokes only  
07/11/2003 08:48:49   Nick   ha ha ha......  

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