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11/08/2002 06:05:00   bkaelin   I just got a 1970 95. how do I engage the freewheeling feature (or disengage it). Is it always available? I thought that it could be turned on and off....sorry folks, I am new at this...thanks.  
11/08/2002 18:05:00   Alec   There is a handle under the heater outlet in the middle of the bulkhead (near the pedals). Whilst the car is stationary, pull the handle out for 'normal' and push in for freewheel.  
11/08/2002 21:04:00   bkaelin   There is a hole, but no handle. has someone butchered my freewheel? Can it be replaced?  
12/08/2002 18:57:00   SteveB   Have a look uner the bonnet (or through the hole) and you should be able to see a white plastic lever which has a pivot bolt and a sprung bolt in a curved slot. This is the free wheel control which you can now move by hand into the 2 positions.
In my experience if the freewheel is broken then people sometimes remove the handle and lock it in the 'drive' position by tightening up the sprung bolt.

A short road test with the lever in each position will tell you if things are OK.  
12/08/2002 22:09:00   Alec   Often the thing that goes wrong is the actual plastic lever. When you remove the bolt (with the spring) you find a rod sits into this lever and this gets worn and allows movement in the rod. This sunsequently makes the freewheel jump out.  

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