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21/10/2003 12:30:34   Helen Moss   Hi Guys got two queries that i need advise on , my 96 is running smelly in1st ,2nd and 3rd gear,when i accelerate way from junctions etc.. she smells like shes burning oil or fuel , put the smell diapears when cruising along in 4th. her temp guague is fine, shes not running hot. is this a simple timming/ tick over adjustment or somthing more fundimental. secondly anti freeze... ive flushed her radiator about three time over the summer, but forgot to put in the anti freeze last time, can i empty the resevoir bottle the add anti freeze through ther radiator and let the engine do the work and pull it round the system? or is it a full drain down again?
sorry for girl questions but having to teach myself mechanics via a hayne mannual, boyfriend useless!....
21/10/2003 12:36:54   Calvin   I had a similar problem, so I e-mailed the saab restoration is there reply

It's burning oil, almost certainly because the valve stem oil seals have failed and/or the valve guides are badly worn. It's also possible the oil control rings have failed.

To replace the valve guides or the rings is not an option as it would cost nearly as much as a proper recon engine. However, I can replace the oil seals for about 85 and we can also fill the engine with special "no smoke" oil!  
21/10/2003 12:43:50   Calvin   however, mine was quite smokey when accelerating or pulling away  
21/10/2003 13:21:37   Alec   Helen,
It could be the crankcase ventilation system. there is a one way valve that is attached to a plate under the carb that has a hose connected to it. It would be worth removing this and ensuring it is not gummed up inside, also check all the other crankcase hoses. Let us know what you find.

As far as the rad is concerned, you would probably be OK doing that but for the sake of 10 minutes work I would drain the rad down and then add a strong mix of anti-freeze to top it back up. do this also with the expansion bottle.  
21/10/2003 13:42:34   James   Alec's right about the anti freeze. Halfords sell 2 different types, one they say is better for older cars (can't remember which one, you'll have to ask) they recommend a 50% mix which seems to work very well - it also assists with summer cooling!
21/10/2003 13:49:52   Helen Moss   thanks guys , time to delve into tmy 3 workshop manuals again, shes driving fine, no smoke at all just a bit smelly, also running with a little bit of engine whine, but that could just me being paranmoid. i donmt think you would find a more clucked over saab around...alec is this crank case valve easy to get at or is it time for open heart surgery.....thanks again for your advise H  
21/10/2003 15:23:06   James   If you have a Haynes manual you'll find the info you need on the crankcase hoses - it's a good idea to inspect periodically to chect the security and condition of the hoses, any problems are easy to sort.
22/10/2003 08:39:34   Alec   Well it means removing the carb, if you are happy with this it is straight forward. You can of course check the hoses and connections without removal of anything though.  
22/10/2003 11:38:35   Calvin   If its a smell inside the car check: The ventilation air comes into the car through the grill under the
windscreen, it then travels through a series of ducts under the bonnet, through a hole in the bulkhead and into the car. If any of the under bonnet ducting is missing or broken it'll allow smelly engine bay air into the car so check all of that.  
22/10/2003 12:37:41   Richard   Even if your car is burning oil it should not enter the cabin, just think how two strokes cope. If there is no smoke from the exhaust check for oil leaks on the engine, this allows oil to sit on the engine bay floor and when on the move will drip on to the exhaust, which you will smell as it is comming from infront of you. You should not smell oil from the exhaust exit.
If alot of smoke is continually comming from the rear of the car then the rings and/or bores are worn. If the car smokes more on start up and only a small amount continually then this will be the valve guides. Valve guides can be reclaimed by cutting a spirel (better than nurling) and should cost under 100 from an engine machine shop. A seperate guide is better, but this will cost more.  
22/10/2003 14:00:19   Alistair   I think this could be a combination of Alec's suggestion and/or Richard's...

Can't remember the precise detail but isn't the crankcase ventilation system on older cars like Helen's (with Solex carb - I'm assuming this describes your car Helen!) different to the Fomoco engines?

IIRC later blue or black engines are fully enclosed but the silver & red engines are only semi-enclosed? This would suggest that for Helen's car, more oil vapour than normal is being vented into the engine bay which could be a sign of a blocked vent hose or the non return valve described by Alec (the foo-foo valve is what I've heard it described as! being gummed up.

Alternatively an oil leak causing oil to drip onto the exhaust either from the floorpan or directly onto the head exhaust port, say from the rocker covers, would burn & smell but could be dissipated by the higher airflow once on the move at a reasonable rate.

Of course I could be talking nonsense again...  
22/10/2003 16:38:30   Richard   You only need a small amount of oil on a hot part and it make a strong smell. Or the other option is that Helen and Calvin have changed their diets and are now on the Gastrict plan.  
23/10/2003 08:47:45   Alec   Alistair, you are correct about the early engines. I may be wrong but when I saw Helen's car a vaguely remember it having the later type which I wasn't expecting to see. However, I have slept since then (nopt much due to kids!) so I may be wrong.  
23/10/2003 12:50:11   Calvin   could be the diet, but I've been cutting out the oil recently!  
23/10/2003 15:49:16   Helen   wow now im really confused....thanks for all that advise , haynes manuals out and to the ready. I dont think its life threatening , as theres no lost of power or smoking from the exhaust. My saab was bulit / first registered in November 1967 old body shape, but 1968 spec, she was swedish but got imported when the roads switched over there, ci checked and shes on her original engine, but the air filter case thingy is the wrong type and shes got an unusual home made exhaust set up... Thanks again for all your help guys... FHave you just had a freaky 5 minute snow storm looks like xmas in belper
24/10/2003 07:51:31   Richard   Dont worry I did not have a clue when I first started, you have to start somewhere.  
24/10/2003 18:35:21   Alistair   If you have the plastic airfilter cover then the carb will have been changed for a later Fomoco type.  

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