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21/10/2003 14:30:56   Tamsin   My 96 is a bit whiplash friendly for my hubbie's liking: it has no headrests (& no obvious slot for them, although seats have prob been recovered in past, as they are rather natty tweedy material). Does anyone know if I can add them to the original seats or would I have to replace the whole seat? Cheers :)  
21/10/2003 15:09:11   Tamsin   p.s. to that... I have just been admiring the cars in the gallery, and saw Ian Duncan's low mileage 96. My 96 is 1972 on an L reg, same colour and the seat covers are obviously original, as they are identical. Apart from the round headlights, a few signs of wear & tear and about 85,000 miles, the cars could be twins!
22/10/2003 08:42:03   Alec   Yes, if you can find some original 96 headrests they will fit. there should be 2 small round holes in the top of the sit that the headrest just plugs into. Yours sounds like it has material over them though, so wait till you have found some headrests and you will be able to figure out where the holes should be (knife time!!)  

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