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23/10/2003 09:03:54   James   I discovered this morning for the first time that my heated front seat works perfectly, itís on a thermostat and it was very cold this morning. However, itís not a sensation I enjoy Ė although Iím sure my wife will love it! So my question is, would it be possible to put a switch on it so I could switch it off and if so where to mount the switch? Any thoughts.
23/10/2003 12:52:23   Calvin   how and when do they work?  
23/10/2003 13:01:38   James   The driver's seat is heated, it's controled by a thermostat (ie no manual switch)so when this morning it was very cold the seat heated! And very warm and toasty it was too. My 96 is a 25th anniversary edition so maybe it was peculiar to that edition.
23/10/2003 15:46:08   Senor Burt   All the V4's I have ever owned have had thermostatically controlled heated seats, but they've either been not working or disconected.
Which is perhaps just as well, as the feeling has been described to me as being as if you have p*ssed yourself.
I'm almost certain that there's a connector under the seat, which you can disconnect if you want the heater off all the time. Alternatively, you could fit any single-pole switch in-line with one of the wires going to the seat, to turn it on and off. If you extended the wiring, you could fit it on the dash, or anywhere else you think suitable.
Apparently this is a safety device. Tests showed that a driver with a warm butt is better able to concentrate on their driving.  
23/10/2003 18:09:44   James   I don't know about concentrating on my driving - I was squirming all the way into work! As I say, I'm sure my wife will love it so the switch idea is the option I'm going for!
24/10/2003 08:25:12   Alec   I love heated seats, particularly good in my Viggen as it has leather seats that are cold in winter.
All 95/96's have had a heated drivers seat since 1972, all the 99/Classic 900's had heated seats and then when GM took over they decided to make it an option -boo, rubbish!!  
24/10/2003 08:47:08   Nick   I have the wires visible coming from the floor in my 1975 96 but there doesn't seem to be a heating element or anything to connect to on the actual seat. What should I be looking for or has the element been removed?  
24/10/2003 09:06:14   James   I'm not sure where the heating element is though the electrics seem to be atttatched the the seat springs, so maybe the element runs along these?!? Anyone got any details?  
24/10/2003 09:57:39   Senor Burt   The element is a mesh thing with wires running through it, right beneath the seat cover. You can actually take out the whole thing.  
24/10/2003 10:04:52   James   Well if you can take the whole thing out surely you can put a whole thing back in. Are replacements available? Or would it be possible to make your own? I don't know why I'm asking - I don't even like heated seats! I'd prefer a cooler seat, one that chills rather than heats. I wonder if this would be possible???  
25/10/2003 15:05:03   Senor Burt   There must be people out there with old seats that they would be willing to donate the heater elements from. I have a heater element in the garage, but I'm not sure if it works.
For cooling, I would recommend that you place a large bag of frozen peas on the seat before commencing your journey. If you tape one to the back of the seat as well, it will act in a similar way to those beaded seat covers, and ease your aches and pains. If your journey is a long one, by the time you arrive, the peas will have defrosted fully and you will have yourself a delicious and nourishing meal.  
25/10/2003 17:30:14   James   Sounds tasty. What about a bag of frozen mixed veg mixed with a frozen curry sauce and some pilau rice. You could also place a naan bread wrapped in tin foil on top of the engine and when you stop have a veritable feast. The warming seat element could be wrapped around a nice bottle of red wine to bring it up to room temperature! hmmn...  
25/10/2003 23:21:12   Alistair   You guys really should get out more.

Here get me, half an hour to midnight on a saturday and I'm looking at ruddy Saab websites again... (Phil)pott calling the kettle grimy arse!  

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