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24/10/2003 12:08:01   Jim   Can anyone recommend somewhere I could get hold of some braided brake hoses suitable for my 96. I am also keen to replace all connecting hoses in my engine bay so any tips would be greatly appretiated.
24/10/2003 13:27:00   James   I bought steel braided brake hoses from Highgate Saab and they worked a treat and looked good too, they were also very reasonable.
27/10/2003 08:28:06   Jim   Thanks. I have managed to find some Goodridge stainless steel hoses from Motorsport World. They do some V4 parts including AVO shocks at the lowest price I have found.  
27/10/2003 09:16:00   James   Are AVO shocks just a particular make or do they have a particular characteristic? eg more sporty or whatever?  
27/10/2003 12:05:57   Jim   The AVO shocks are fully adjustable and provide far better road holding when taking corners carrying speed. They are also reduce the bouncy ride I experience of the roads of Sussex. I plan to have the springs shortened to lower the profile of the car and fitting the AVO's make this possible.  
27/10/2003 18:05:50   James   The AVO shocks sound interesting, how much are they and are they easy to fit? Oh, and also once on the car, are they easy to adjust, or do you just adjust and leave them alone?  
28/10/2003 07:49:19   Richard   James they are a good shock, search for Chassis Dynamics who are the UK agents. You can buy direct, they will rebuild the units if you want them too. They adjust at the bottom by hand on the car.  

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