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26/10/2003 15:08:49   john   I need to repair a section of floor on my 96, I see Highgate do a floor repair section can anyone tell me the dimensions and how much it costs  
26/10/2003 15:43:10   Senor Burt   I'm sure they'll tell you if you phone them.
If the holes aren't too big, you could always patch them. Don't replace large sections of floor with flat plate though, as the corrugation of the floor adds strength.  
28/10/2003 21:17:47   jake   i seem to remember looking in on one of the usa sites and some one was offering repair sections for sale and assured the quality was good but you would have to click round to find it . what sort of repair are you talking about i have repaired holes in the body work from the size of a fifty pence piece to ones i could clime through and you can allways get the material you need from motor factors for ready made parts for your particular model or look through the cataloge at parts for other makes that can be modified to fit eg mini front floor sections , vw transporter sections , and remember that a saab 96 sill is about the easyist sill to have folded by a metal fabrication shop it's just like a big tick shape with a little extra fold you just bend a welding rod to the shape and lenth and get it cut and folded in 1-1.5mm steel over lenth then cut it down to to size or take a slice out of it to do the job anyone with a mig welder could do it all the best jake  
01/11/2003 23:27:50   james w   If its for the front footwell don't bother with the Highgate one, I got one off them and had to send it back as it did'nt resemble the floor at all  

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