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27/10/2003 14:36:24   Jim   Does anyone know someone who does car upholstery in the South East (I'm based in Eastbourne, East Sussex). Mine is looking a little tired and I was thinking of vinyl or leather as a more durable option.  
28/10/2003 07:44:58   Richard   I would have a look in some of the classic car mags. If you go for the leather option it will cost alot if you want a top job. You are looking at several hundred pound for the hide, let alone the work involved.  
28/10/2003 12:36:24   Jim   Thanks. I've not had any luck with the classic car mags. I know the leather would be expensive (having had a domestic chair recovered) so vinyl may be the cheaper option.  
28/10/2003 13:12:10   Senor Burt   And also pretty uncomfortable. Freezing in winter and burning hot in summer! I've seen some pretty good cloth reupholstery done on V4's, with much more hard wearing material then the original.  
28/10/2003 19:15:18   John G   There is a guy in Burgess Hill that runs a pretty low key operation from his home/garage,from what ive seen he turns out very good quality interiors for the hot rodders. I will find his number as i'm after a carpet set for my car.  
30/10/2003 08:31:53   Jim   Thanks John
If you could get that Burgess Hill number I'd appretiate it.  

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