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14/08/2002 14:52:52   Guy   Hi everyone
My girlfriend has decided that a 96 would be perfect for her. As the owner of an old 900 I am all in favour of this! Apart from the problem that neither of us have ever driven a 96. 96s were very advanced for their time, apart from the Saab oddities, which I am well aware of. But the big question is, can someone brought up on modern cars slot straight into driving one? My biggest fear is turning up to look at someones pride and joy, and then having to reject it. I hate tyre kickers, and don't want to be one myself! I need some 2nd opinions to give me confidence before we proceed.


14/08/2002 14:53:39   JulianC   Go for it!!!! My girlfriend bought a 1975 '96 2 years ago, having never driven anything that old before, and she loves it. She has used the car virtually everyday since getting it and wouldn't part with it for the world. In fact, the crafty devil has managed to talk me into restoring for her now...
Get a good one and enjoy!

14/08/2002 14:54:13   Jake   julian good move a 96 will definitly set you apart from the rest but don't buy a duffer most people know in thear heart what a good engine sounds like but the v4 should have a throb and a swish sound i think they sound like motor boats ticking over at idle, a sort of gurgle through water and at speed like a subaru impretza just a dream ,but watch for rust all the usual suspects front lower corners,along the lower edge of the inner wings ,the corners of the sill panels particularly over the jack points ,the front edge of the rear wings and around the joints where they bolt onto the car, door if it passed these tests then go for it you'll get to love the tight shoulder space and loads of room for your feet the car slopes outwards from the top, all the best good hunting, jake(96&900ibut the later is nothing special just transport)  

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