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30/10/2003 09:36:56   Calvin   I'm giving up! She doesn't deserve to be kept on the road trough the, I have a blue 1977 96 V4L, with the black bumpers. Its got 114,000 miles on the clock, but the engine is newer and has done around 70,000. It's got 12 months MOT (sailed through, just a few minor things, no rust), just had a full service (at the Saab restoration centre) and over the past 3 months (with bills to prove it) I've had a brand new over sized radiator fitted, which is better than the original, back brakes done, new altenator new battery etc (about 1000 spent). the paint work is good (it is 26yrs old). E-mail me if you want to see pictures....I'm based in London...Offers?  
30/10/2003 16:33:36   john   hi there i would be intrested in the car if it is still for sale, please mail me the pictures and a cash price you would accept many thanks john. or if you would like to have a chat call 07760343858  

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