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30/10/2003 15:14:44   Rupert Elmore   Hello everyone.Help needed with the fo mo co carb on my 1976 Saab 96.The problem started six weeks ago on a warm September day... started the car as normal drove for 30 mins parked up left it for 20 mins. Returned to the car started and drove off as normal five mins later the car starts spluttering when accelerating through the gears.This spluttering produces a large amount of black smoke from the exhaust.The carb is a reconditioned unit and would appear to be in good condition. I have checked every ancillary on the engine and it is not electrical/mecanical/timing/dwell ect. So i guess it's carb related over fueling. Prior to the problem the car was fairly lean and producing a nice light brown colour on the spark plugs.The problem is not temprature related and only occurs when accelerating med to hard. And it not got a automatic choke. Any ideas or suggestions before i find a weber 34 ICH to replace it with. It's everyday transport and i can't cope lighty feathering the throttle on a daily basis!!!! Regards to you all. Rupert  
30/10/2003 16:38:15   Richard   It could be dirt in the carb. Take the top off and clean the jets and check no dirt is stoping the foat valve operating correctly, ie allowing fuel to keep going in and flooding the float chamber.
The weber ICH is a better unit and produces more power, but make sure you get the correct type as some have a smaller choke.  
30/10/2003 17:39:25   Alec   Dirt would be my bet too.  
30/10/2003 20:43:30   Rupert Elmore   Hi Richard & Alec, thanks for the messages. Right i have cleaned the carb very thourghly and it's pretty well spotless i have also adjusted the float and it's spot on. Also i have checked the in-line fuel filter which is only 12 months old and there is no muck/filth within it, so i think the fuel tank is pretty clean. I don't thing it's dirt, but i will check it and clean it again just to make sure. Thanks chaps! R  
31/10/2003 14:06:35   steve h   Is the car using lots of petrol?
I have had problems with a fomoco carb with what i think is the emmulsion jet behind the main jet falling out of its location which seems to result in a very rich mixture. My solution at the time was to stick it back in with a bit of gasket gunk. It was a miricle it worked but it did. A far preferable solution would be to take the carb off and throw it away. They were never any good. Being a fords engine, there are many webber alternatives that fit. Im running our standard car with one for a capri that halfords were clearing out for a fiver. The improvement was estonishing. Try your local old fashioned motor factors. They might have something on a back shelf they would only be too happy to despose of.  
31/10/2003 16:03:36   Rupert Elmore   Hi Steve, Thanks for that suggestion i will look into that this weekend,and yes fuel wise it would appear to be using a little more than normal i would say. Not easy to tell as i have been driving with a very light foot for the past few weeks! Thanks again! R  
01/11/2003 20:58:37   Rupert Elmore   Hi Again all and Steve H, Problem sorted!! Steve you were spot on with that emmulsion jet it had fallen right out. Car running as normal!! Many thanks for all the suggestions.  

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