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03/11/2003 13:34:47   james   test  
03/11/2003 14:49:19   James Ayres   Okay, here's a tough one! If a Saab 96 can cause a foot wide smile whilst driving 5 miles into work, how far before face remains permantly stuck in stupefying grin?  
04/11/2003 09:00:51   Nick   try 130 miles from Woking in Surrey to Highgate last weekend. Lovely sunshine and loads of smiles and waves from modern Saab owners.
It's nice to have that 'cause I get alot of stick from colleagues for driving my 96 even if it has lower mileage and more style than their BMWs!  
04/11/2003 12:34:04   Richard   You must have some good modern Saab owners down there! If they drive a Saab thats younger than a 900 (classic) then they do not seem to know what my car is! The worst are those Saab (Nissan) 9000 drivers.  
04/11/2003 14:54:47   Nick   Not all of the modern Saab drivers seem to know what it is I drive but I still get loads of comments and smiles, I even had an elderley gentleman knock on my window once when I was stopped at a junction, he had lots of old 96 memories to tell me. It is also interesting how the young ladies like the smooth curves too....but I won't go into that right now.  
04/11/2003 16:55:10   simon   Yeah Nick, never had a car enchant the ladies like a 96 ;-)

05/11/2003 07:51:59   Richard   Art students and hippy girls like the 96, but the others I am not too sure?  
05/11/2003 09:14:16   Nick   Funny you should say that but I studied Fine Art and my fiancee is a surfer! The other types of ladies I never really cared for anyway.......too bothered about their make-up and what brand of clothes they wear.  
05/11/2003 12:23:18   Richard   She needs a 95 surf bus me thinks. Rack the boards on the roof and take the rear seats out, flat floor it and you can sleep in the back! Now who needs to go the normal boring Vdub route.  
05/11/2003 13:49:37   Nick   funny you should say that....she is learning to drive and I suggested a 95! Unfortunately we don't do much surfing over here as we are ligthweights when it comes to cold water. Long term plan is to move to the south west of France where the weather is better, the trains run on time, decent wine is affordable and the food tastes like food.....are left hand drive 95s easy to come by?  
05/11/2003 14:57:12   Alistair   Sure theyh are, in Sweden. Not too sure about France though!  
05/11/2003 16:43:00   Richard   Tom's got a lefty and its a bit weird going from pedals that offset to left, then driving with right offset pedals.
I think you should be able to get a lefthand drive car over there.  
05/11/2003 17:29:09   Nick   I'm sure she will be pleased to know that. She has expressed an interest in an MG of all things but I might write something into the pre nuptual agreement about that.  
06/11/2003 07:50:52   Richard   Has she got a beard and a pipe, cos thats what you need for an MG. Or how about his and her's matching MG caps and tracksuit.
Come to think of it I have an MG in boxes some where in the garage. Mine falls into the Beard and pipe side of MG ownership.  
06/11/2003 11:40:04   Senor Burt   Hey, you're living in the past Richard! Don't you know that 'MG's' are now young, hip and groovy? At least that's what the advertising exec's seem to trying to tell me. They've even got a model called 'The Streetwise' how much more 'youth' can you get? They also sponsor extreme sports events in a vain attempt to convince people of this.
I still can't help thinking how much they resemble tarted up Allegro's and Montego's though.  
06/11/2003 12:22:38   Richard   I know what you mean, a bit of naff look-a-like carbon fiber and a set of alloys on a Rover 25 does nothing for me. Mines made of wood, a chassis you can leave in a swap for a decade and it will not rust and alloy, a proper Mr Kimber MG.  
06/11/2003 13:24:12   Nick   She was after an old MG not one of these nasty modern things. A colleague has just bought one of those MG ZF? psuedo rally car things, goes like you know what off a stick but I bet it won't be long before something breaks or falls off it. That reminds me, someone drove into the back of my 96 in a Sierra a couple of years ago when I was stopped at the traffic lights. The 96 was fine with no damage at should have seen the front of the Sierra!!  

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