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07/11/2003 12:49:10   steve   Much as I hate the adjective above, is the reduction in topics on this page down to:-
A. Fairweather, "enthusiasts" garaging their v4s for the winter and getting into their vectras?
B. The colder weather encouraging more of a 'if it aint broke, dont fix it' attitude, so the V4s arnt being 'fixed' (read, played with) as much?
C. V4s work better in colder weather?

Im B.  
07/11/2003 13:38:17   Nick   Personally it's down to the fact that by the time I get home it's too darn dark. I still use the car everyday and have spent alot of money on it over the summer sorting out some of the important jobs so I don't get the nasty scuffed knuckles normally associated with 'cold hand spanner slip syndrome'.  
07/11/2003 13:46:46   James Ayres   It is true that the 96 v4 does seem to relish the colder weather, although I think you may have a point about the weather stopping us from 'playing' with the bits 'n' bobs that we plan to do. The amount of times I've said "I'll get around to that in the spring" is amazing! I don't know any v4 users who garage their cars for the winter and use their modern cars. I'm into 'practical' classics (I also have a 1966 Volvo Amazon) and if I can't use them I won't keep them! Keep on thrumming - even in inclement weather!
07/11/2003 15:02:03   Rupert Elmore   I'm fitting a sports exhaust this weekend to my everyday driver 96 but i do have thermal overalls!! Plus you should use your V4 in the winter it's good for the heater valve..stops it seizing up!  
08/11/2003 14:45:03   Alec   I had planned to garage mine for a few months to do some much needed work. However, lack of funds stops me at the moment so here goes for another V4 winter. When the really bad weather comes the V4 is a much better bet than the Viggen with its sledge style tyres!  
10/11/2003 07:57:33   Richard   Ok, I re-fitted the alloy fire proofing re-sharped the roof and painted the floor on the rally car on Sat (with hangover). This finishes off the left side total re-paneling, the bent bonet and a 2" tweek on the shell, which was taken out by cutting off the right sill and removing the right slant housing, fitting an 11 foot plank under left door bar and chocking to the floor with blocks infront of the rear axle tunnel and two people jumping on the plank for about a day.
I fitted a new water pump and rad to the shed on Sunday in the rain along with a rev limiter, rad, fan and front panel, plus various wiring to my hillclimb V4. This should be ready for next season and only a year latter than it should have appeared, due to stage events taking my time up.
I serviced on the Cambrian rally for my friends Astra last weekend in cow s#!t covered Welsh cattle market.
So I have probably been as busy as ever!
10/11/2003 14:00:38   steve h   Good.. Im glad we are all of one mind then. I find welding a good winter job as the gauntlets and layers of overalls in full sun on the street, where I do all of my work, are enough to give you heat exhaustion in the summer. Also my other car is a V4 as well.  
10/11/2003 14:02:02   steve h   And its done that strange steve/steve h thing with my name again!  
10/11/2003 15:14:36   Alistair   I fitted a nice new set of alloys to my VauxSaab last weekend, which is about as dirty as my hands get these days :-(  
10/11/2003 16:08:57   simon   Steady Alistair, your really starting to show yourself up with that one!  
10/11/2003 16:48:26   Richard   He knows his place, notice now Alister refers to his Saab as a VauxSaab. Funny that, so did Mr Clarkson last night on Top Gear. Carnt wait for the ScoobySaab made about as far away as possible from Sweden. Or should it be called the 9-2 cheap labour-Saab, so GM can sack the Swedish work force and save some Kroner-Saab, But there are plenty of grey bods that will buy grey cars. Its like these people that say they love England and then they drive a BMW!  
10/11/2003 17:30:13   Simon   Further to Steve's comment on welding:
I also find the cold weather assists the cooling of liquid metal blobs, as they travel through my clothing layers before finally extingishing themselves in the moist flesh beneath my skin - nice.  
15/11/2003 00:57:23   Alistair   I only refer to it as a VauxSaab for a slightly more quiet life on this forum...

Actually it's a superb bit of kit, goes like stink in total luxury. OK, OK, I'll go now...  
15/11/2003 11:51:45   Senor Burt   Get yer coat.  

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