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07/11/2003 17:11:38   Tom   Because of my recent purchase i've decided to sell my yellow V4 with soccerball alloys,Highgate sports exhaust, re-upholstered seats, twin choke weber,K&N filter, Pertronix electronic ignition 6 months tax, 12 months MOT as of today. If interested look in the Adverts section for full details. Open to offers. Tom 0114 2402798  
01/12/2003 23:11:07   ian f   Hi Tom,

Wot's the reserve price?  
01/12/2003 23:49:02   Tom   1,500 A bargain really.  
02/12/2003 16:07:16   Alistair   Tom - I had a chap email me the other day looking for a nice one. He really wanted an earlier car but I pointed him in your direction anyway. Hope you find a taker soon!  
03/12/2003 07:29:46   Tom   Thanks Alistair. I was hoping to avoid eBay as i'd much rather sell it to someone who will continue to take care of it. It's silly but i really like this car and want whoever owns it to treat it the way it has been since it was originally bought. This is less likely through eBay :o(  
10/12/2003 15:02:13   Anton   Sorry for interrupting you, but I need some help. My father has a SAAB-96-V4, but he got in the accident, so I'm looking for the front/rear bumper, headlights, rear lights and one more thing, I just don't know its proper name... well, in Russian i'd call it a front radiator shielding or something like that, but its English name is a real problem.
well, anyway, if you could tell me where I could buy or order these parts, I'd be very thankful.

P.S. sorry for my English (just in case)  
10/12/2003 16:39:48   Richard   Try Highgate on the links section of this web site, they should be able to help you with the parts you require.
I think you mean the front panel which is the metal panel painted the same colour as the car. This part contains the shiny grill and the headlights.  
10/12/2003 16:47:35   Anton   No, Richard, I guess we misunderstand each other... I need the chromed front panel, where the headlights are... well, I guess so, 'cause I haven't seen this car before the accident, and now it has the whole front made of plastic coverings from modern cars. You know, it's hard to get parts for 96's in Russia...  
10/12/2003 16:49:45   Anton   yeah, Richard, and by the way: I'll make photos of the car, when I get it (father gives it to me) and maybe post them somewhere... It looks kinda funny with all that plastic...  

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