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10/11/2003 10:32:06   Alistair   Anyone got theirs yet?  
10/11/2003 13:01:16   Richard   not at the mo, but I set off before the Postman arrives.  
10/11/2003 13:43:28   Tom   I forgit to re-new my membership. Anything good in it?  
10/11/2003 15:11:54   Alistair   Tom - You mean apart from my fantastic column? BTW - Direct Debit is a wonderful thing, it means never having to forget to renew your subs!! ;-)

Hmm, I thought it should be out by now, I wonder what's up?  
10/11/2003 22:19:34   ian   I haven't renewed my membership yet, but it's not through the lack of trying. At the National, as always they weren't set up to take renewals when I arrived. When I tried to renew on the website like I did last year I found that renewal over the web is no longer an option (but I could have paid to become a member). When I tried to renew by phone I was told that memberships couldn't be renewed over the phone.

I think that it's about time the Club should review their membership renewal policy.

BTW if you leave it much later to renew, you won't get your full year's supply (6 issues) of Driver.
12/11/2003 17:12:07   chris   never mind the driver have youseen the SEC mags lately the is back on form again !!!  
13/11/2003 12:40:11   Richard   What sort of stuff is in the mag. I have been to the odd SEC spares meeting, but I have never been a member (some people disagree on this point). What events do they organise?
Alister is trying to drag the V4 page back on track in the SOC Driver, but it all takes time and peoples effort to write something interesting.
Have a think of what you would like from a club and post it here, I am sure Alister will take interest.  
15/11/2003 00:33:37   Alistair   Quite agree, and Rich is doing more than his fair share to help (as you should see next issue).

Still be interested in the content of the SEC mag though...

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