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10/11/2003 17:20:23   Simon   Dear readers,

I know its about a 99 but you are all (99.9% anyway - the .1% knows who he is - thanks for NOT sending my stuff back and/or NOT even covering my currior charges!) so helpfull, honest, decent, caring and informed that I've stepped from the fold with a 99 question, which I sincerely hope does not cause too much offence here (it was after all Sixten Sason's last design):
I would like to change my internal front DOOR PANELS from a 99L (lower door release handle) to a 99EMS / 99Combie / 900's (upper door release handle). It would appear to be a fairly simple job(I have a good workshop with welders etc)but has anyone been here before? Any comments I am sure would be helpful and as always advice is most appreciated. S
PS: Dear Alec - please delete at will? Thank you :-)
15/11/2003 00:53:33   Alistair   Know it's been done but not sure of the details as to how/easily. Try - they have a fairly active 99 forum & may be able to help.  
16/11/2003 22:42:08   Simon   Thank you Alistair,

Although not all is forgivern (just yet) for your endless waxing about ya Vaab ;-)  

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