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10/11/2003 17:39:03   Nick   I have a feeling these are going to be hard to come by/expensive. I am looking for a pair of headrests for my 1975 96 V4. I have the holes already in the seats and this request is really for safety reasons.....don't realish wip-lash much. Anyone have any they want to part with or where I can get some?  
10/11/2003 23:17:05   chris   Hi I have loads the cushions are showing signs of age please email  
11/11/2003 07:52:19   Richard   Not real a hard to find part, people have always taken interior parts out before a car was sent to the scrap man.  
23/11/2003 00:25:05   David   I have some headrests and cushions if you're still looking. However, I haven't worked out how to get them off / out of the seat backs!! There don't seem to be any hidden catches or buttons etc and they're pretty "solid" in the seat backs. Can anyone help, please?  
23/11/2003 14:44:09   Alec   They just need a sharp yank upwards to release the internal clip. Try hitting the underside sharply with your hand.  
29/11/2003 18:52:37   richard   On a similar do I get hold of the plastic barrels that the headrests slot into? I need 4 for a V4...Rgds, Rich  
30/11/2003 10:20:32   Alec   Richard, if you can't get these don't worry as they are not actually needed to fit the headrests.  
24/12/2003 10:57:57   dhPaul   My 96 has headrests but no cushion inserts. If anyone has a pair of cushions (I assume they just push or are clipped in) they wish to sell, please let me know.  
24/12/2003 14:04:11   Alec   I don't have any spares I'm afraid, but what year is your car as there are 2 types (both will fit though)  
27/12/2003 10:27:05   dhPaul   Alec, my 96 is a 1977.  

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