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11/11/2003 10:09:28   Jon Hopper   I am thinking of replacing the distributor on a '72 96 V4. Where can I get a replacement? Is there a Ford part number, can I order the correct part from Ford?
Also hile I am at it, is it a good idea to fit some form of electronic ignition?  
11/11/2003 16:37:41   Richard   You can also get Luminition, optical and magnetic systems, another benifit is you can get away with a slightly worn dizzy.  
03/12/2003 20:16:39   Alain   You can get the pertronix stuff at  
03/12/2003 21:39:06   James Ayres   Or, you can order a petronix unit from Highgate.  
04/12/2003 08:16:16   Richard   Aldon sell a unit that is identical/same as the petronix that is probably cheaper than the other options (70 or so, I think).  
04/12/2003 14:36:06   Tom   How much was the Highgate Pertronix?  

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