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11/11/2003 11:25:23   ian   can anyone give me some info on how to and costs of bringing car over from netherlands to uk...have seen what i want but feel costs may prevent this dream coming true  
11/11/2003 13:09:29   Tom   Ian, is it a new or old car? Is it driveable?I have just imported one from Sweden. The flight over was 1p + 13 tax with Ryanair. The ferry back with car was 94. There was no import duty because anything over about 9,000 miles is no longer considered a NMT - New Means of Transport. It's easy and great fun. If the car can't be driven away it's obviously going to cost you more to get a trailer there and back.  
11/11/2003 13:10:58   Nick   Not sure about the Netherlands but I brought my V4 over from the Channel Islands and had to pay VAT! The car was left to me so didn't cost a penny and was 25yrs old but still had to pay out. They worked it out on the current book value which luckily was well below the car's actually value. If I had owned the car outside of the UK I would'nt have paid the tax but I think I would have had to have been living outside England too. It may be worth looking into these laws with the DVLA. Maybe you could register the car over there in your name and run it over here on Dutch plates until enough time has passed for you to re register it without paying the taxes. I might be talking rubbish and it was a few years ago now but I know I would have done things differently, it was a load of hassle but worth it. As they say...where there's a will there's a way....whether it's totally legal might be another matter.  
11/11/2003 13:36:51   Nick   Tom- It seems your experience was alot easier than mine. I think it was YTS day when I imported mine as my number plate appears to be wrong too.(N904 LRL for a 1975 96).  
11/11/2003 13:48:12   Tom   Nick, if you could have 'produced' some sort or receipt showing that you 'paid' for the car from your relative, you would not have had to pay that VAT. My car was from a garage and the bill showed the tax i was paying. Yes, they certainly got your year wrong. Mine is correct on a V for 1980.  
12/11/2003 11:30:25   ian   hi tom it is old but mint restored plan still on paper stage but driving it back is a possibility and dover ferry is cheapest option...not sure how to find out about purchase tax or vat or import duty..will probably contact seller for info...thanks for your help  
12/11/2003 12:55:32   ian   I was under the impression that if an 'older' car was coming in from a fellow EU country then import duties and VAT aren't applicable. You can confirm this by contacting HM Customs and Excise Advice Service on 0845 010 9000. Let us know how you get on.

With reference to Nick's 'N' plate, from memory (which is patchy at best) I'm pretty sure that the 'N' registration applied to cars first registered between 1st August 1974 and 31st July 1975. This would tie in with my late 1968 G-reg and Tom's 1980 V-reg. (I, O, Q, U & Z were not used as year indicators)

12/11/2003 13:09:33   Nick   My car was registered in February 1975....still have the original documents and service history from Jersey.....and the original Jersey registration plates which I wish I hadn't changed  
12/11/2003 20:47:28   Tamsin   Nick - your N plate is a new N - which is mid 90s or thereabouts - is that when you brought the car in from the Channel Islands? It looks like when you re-register you end up with a brand new number plate. Could be better then to transfer an old number from the appropriate year from someone breaking a car - I don't think that's more than an admin fee at the DVLA for that.  
12/11/2003 22:47:43   Nick   that would be when I bought the car over from Jersey. I looked into getting a reg number from the year but it would have costs more than I thought it was worth.
I was brought up on Jersey plates which had no reflection on the car's age. I still can't get my head around the system used in the UK. I should really call the DVLA to find out but to be honest it makes no difference to me anyway  
13/11/2003 07:48:41   ian   regarding plates i am sure if you contacted dvla they will give you an appropriate plate..i had an a30 some time ago with a A plate and they changed this for free onto an LSK plate...these plates i think were from scotland and not used  
13/11/2003 09:15:46   Nick   I will give them a call and see. Do you know where I could get metal plates made up to make it look more authentic?  
13/11/2003 11:49:31   simon   Hello Nick, when speaking with DVLA you may wish to enquire about silver and black plates, as I believe they may be technically illegal on the car which you are describing due to it's youth.  
15/11/2003 00:46:15   Alistair   Looks like Nicks car has been given an N prefix instead of suffix (which it should have) B&W plates are illegal for cars registered after 71 I think.  
15/11/2003 12:42:17   James Ayres   I don't know the exact date but it's sometime in 1974, after that you had to have the current plates colours.  

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