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11/11/2003 21:18:03   Paul   Hello everyone, its my first time on here, and I've just been looking through the various sites to find out more about 95's as I've been offered one. Its been sitting in a garage for between 15 and 20 years (though it did drive itself to a new garage 1 year ago) its basically driveable and did have some work done to the braking system a couple of years ago. From the pictures I've seen its not got much visible surface rust but ihavent yet seen what the rest is like. the guy originally wanted around 600 quid for it, and rather unsurprisingly he didnt get it, it now seems he just wants rid, can anyone suggest a rough upper limit? my plan was to get an MOT done and see what amount of work is needed, if its more than i can afford, i'll offer it for whatever i pay for it. (on here probabaly)
thanks for your help, this isnt something i know much about (so far I've only owned kit cars!) but i love the cars and have fallen for her already! (dangerous mistake i know)

11/11/2003 21:53:30   John G   I have just paid a similar amount for a 96 that has been stored in a garage/workshop for about 25 years and althogh the bodywork has been saved in almost perfect condition all thr rubber has hardend or disintigrated. have a good look at the suspension rubbers these have proved to be a major expence that  
11/11/2003 22:01:56   John G   WOOPS! I wasnt expecting. Make sure that the wheel cylinders are not leaking ( making the brake shoes/pads usless) you could easly spend what you pay for the car in new rubber if all is not well!  
12/11/2003 07:37:40   ian   Hi Paul,
It's not the surface rust that you have to worry about. On top of the usual rot spots on the 96, the 95 is very prone to hidden rot around its rear end, particularly the rear inner wings and the boot floor. Other rust hot-spots common to all V4's are: under the rear seats; the sills - especially around the jacking points; the bottom of the front suspension 'turrets'; and the meeting point of the bulkhead and front floor. Any rot around the windscreen is notoriously difficult and expensive to put right.

Unless the garage where the car was stored was heated and well-ventilated there's the danger of rusting due to condensation forming on the cold metal during the winter months.

A word of warning, new 95 rear wings are almost impossible to buy new and are usually very expensive when available.

As for value....600 sounds way too much for a car without an MOT unless it is extremely sound and is a low mileage example. If it's any sort of guide, a couple of years ago I sold a cosmetically tatty 95 V4 with an MOT and tax for less than 200.

If you're close to Nottingham and would like someone to cast an eye over it with you, let me know and we'll arrange something.
12/11/2003 07:38:09   James Ayres   I also bought a car that was sitting in a garage for 22-23 years and yes, things did need to be relaced: exhaust, brake cylinders, a few other smaller bits 'n'bobs. I now drive the car nearly every day and love it. So I wouldn't think about what it costs - but what it's worth! Having said that, get it for as cheap as you can...  
12/11/2003 09:41:44   Paul   hello guys,

thanks for your help, John, the news about rubber is particualrly interesting. I'd have spent all my time looking for rust and probably missed most of that. I'm pretty sure that the garage isnt heated/ventilated since the reason i cant see it yet is that the car is covered/surrounded in junk thats been heaped in there, all around the car! Ian I'm glad you agree that 600 is too much, it was more than I was prepared to pay anyway. as for taking a look with me thats a really kind offer and amazingly i am in the nottingham area inbewteen nottingham and derby (long Eaton) do you have an email address so i can get in touch when the poor thing is unearthed? (i'm sure I can organise some refreshments for your trouble!)


12/11/2003 11:28:53   ian   Paul
Email me on

12/11/2003 18:07:35   john   Hi guys, i recently spent 650 on a fairly tidy 95 with an MOT until next June it is also tax exempt, I suppose it is better down South but i have not seen another 95 on the road in Scotland for about 5 years.

12/11/2003 20:28:15   Paul   there seems to be a lot of variation in prices, but we'll have to see what happens. thanks again for all your help, and Ian, if things go well I'll be in touch,
13/11/2003 21:51:33   jake   hi guy's my 96 stood for about 7-8 years and needed a mental amount of welding but looked not to bad on first sight but as i had full work shop facls available to me it did not worry me and all was done in due coarse but what did catch me out was total and sudden failure of the foot brakes twice, the first time it was the master cyl the rubbers had gone to jelly that was replaced all was well for a time then failure no 2 same story foot brake failure two new rear cyls all right at the moment, but make sure the hand brake works and a small jab on the brake just before you really need them is allways a good idea all the best jake  

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