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12/11/2003 19:58:09   John   My car has been stored off road since the 70s and the paperwork has long since vanished. I phoned DVLA to get a new reg doc and they say that this will only be issued if (1) the car is mot,d (2) insured (3) taxed. (4) that the reg no is O.K,d by a recognised enthusiasts club...which the S.O.C isnt (how they are supposed to know that the reg no belongs to the vehicle I dont know) (5) provide photo or documentation to prove that all is well. (its easier to get a passport) And only then will the reg no be recognised. Has any one else come across this? Surely if the reg no isnt recognised the tax/ insurance/ m.o.t documents cant be legal?  
12/11/2003 23:10:04   chris   I would apply for a new v5 using the v62 form adding the chassis # and reg # if its on the dvla you will get a new v5 do you have the last tax disc this can help you can mot a car using the chassis # also insure it if soc cant help try the saab enthusiasts I'm sure that thy will know something  

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