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12/11/2003 20:32:40   James   Not a huge problem, I know, however, the clock in my 96 runs slow by a few mins every day which means that I have to adjust it every time I drive. My question is: is it possible to adjust the slow/fast running of the clock or do I just continue adjusting it by a few mins every day. I have not yet even checked if this is possible, I thought I'd check with my fellow Saab enthusiasts first!
12/11/2003 21:48:17   Tom   James: Concerning the clock: Reach behind the dashboard with your double-jointed elbow and wrist and undo the two screws holding the clock bracket in place. Pull the clock out the front and examine the back. Adjust the +/- accordingly. With a bit of trial and error you will get it right.

Tamsin: As for LRP - this stuff is not good. You might want to consider buying an additive which will be chemically more consistent than LRP.  
13/11/2003 09:17:13   James Ayres   Thanks for the reply about the clock (I don't know how the other queries got on here!) If the clock is exceptionally awkward I may just leave it! Lazy me...
15/11/2003 00:59:23   Alistair   It's not that awkward, unless you have arms like a gorilla  
19/11/2003 13:59:54   steve h   I have the same clock. It was broken when it came to me so i have had it in bits. It works by throwing a weighted and sprung arm back by a solenoid which is activated whenever the weighted arm winds back to touch a contact. As this makes the clock spring powered, it is sensitive to temperature, it will tend to run fast in the summer and slow in the winter. I correct mine when I get in the car. You can't expect quartz accuaracy from this sort of victorian technology.  
19/11/2003 22:50:58   James Ayres   I think I might just continue to adjust it when I get in the car as it's only a couple of mins a day!
Thanks all for your help.  

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