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14/08/2002 14:58:12   bkaelin   I have virtually no brakes on my 1970 95. When I press on the brakes, the car pulls hard to the right and the brake pedal throbs. In fact, I feel a strong vibration if I even just slightly touch or rest my foot over the brake pedal while driving. The car has sat for a few years, don't know its history. Are my brakes frozen, dead? Any thoughts. thanks so much!  
15/08/2002 16:44:40   Steve B   It sounds like one of your brake circuits is dead. The
Saab 95 and 96 had diagonally split brake circuits from
1968 so that if one circuit fails the other still gives
you limited braking. As your car pulls to the right it may
be that the front left and rear right brakes are not
workking. Check the reservoir. This is also split and if
one side is empty you have a leak in one of the circuits.
If not them it is possible that half the master cylinder
does not work. Depending if your brakes are lockheed or
girling you should be able to get a repair kit for the
master cylinder. You should also check for brake fluid
leaks generally around the car.

Also check the conditions of your drums and discs. The
vibration you mention could be due to warped drums or

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