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12/11/2003 20:34:25   Tamsin   Hi - a long shot that there are some Scandinavian V4 enthusiasts out there. We are considering a move to Denmark, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it would be worth taking the 96? LRP is getting harder to find round here (SE Cornwall) - does it exist in DK and are their emissions regs tougher?
The island we are thinking of moving to is called Samsoe - not very big, and yet I've seen a grey 96 there on a recent visit, so there must be some nice people! Any info appreciated :)  
12/11/2003 22:43:32   Nick   I have been using the Valve Master additive with octane booster for years and it works a treat. have just been experimenting with the high octane unleaded which also works well and I even think it works better. I have heard mixed reports about using unleaded without an additive, has anyone had any problems with valve wear etc?  
13/11/2003 07:40:45   Richard   The V4 heads are quite soft and do not have seperate valve seats, therefore I would say you need to use an additive or have hardend seats fitted.  
13/11/2003 09:17:33   Nick   Valvemaster it is then, thanks  

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