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17/11/2003 13:11:54   dhPaul   I need to take the calipers off for overhaul. Can anyone suggest what I should plug the braided flexible brake hoses with to stop brake fluid seeping out, please.  
17/11/2003 16:52:26   Alistair   For standard rubber hoses I would use a pair of mole grips to pinch the hose tightly, not sure if that's viable/wise with braided.  
17/11/2003 16:58:54   Richard   You can push the chuck end of a drill bit into the pipe end, but leave some sticking out for removal, or even better a thin punch that tappers along its length.  
19/11/2003 13:52:49   steve h   cling film and a lacky band is my farourite.  
19/11/2003 23:25:17   chris   I would change the fluid,front and rear hoses and possibly rear cylinders at the same time  

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