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16/11/2003 22:49:08   Dennis Isaksson   Hello! Im planing to mount a Turbo to my SAAB 95, do anyone knows where i can find pictures? So i would like to see how other "Turbodemons" solved the problems...  
17/11/2003 07:55:19   Richard   First, the left side rocker shaft is the last thing to get oil in the top end, like the balance shaft is in the bottom end. The first component to wear is usually the front left rocker. Check the oil pressure as your oil pump may be worn and also check the alignment between the oil ways. The other thing to do is trace the oil path back to the pump and clean this, check for wear in any bearings along the way that could cause pressure and flow to drop.
Two, if your Saab is a 95 v4 then I have seen a turbo mounted on a V4 engine behined the engine where the heater should be. I think the exhaust looped round the back and went into a single pipe before the turbo, then exited through the floor at one side like the rally system.  

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