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19/11/2003 13:49:50   steve h   Only if you have a set of rare swan necks, have another, all the thottle linkages and a long neck dizzy. This would also make for an extream car (tickover at 2000rpm - coughs and splutters below 3000rpm but lots of power over 500rpm)(Correct me if im wrong please rally people)

It depends on what you are looking for. If you just want a straight bolt on to replace the standard crap fomoco carb, most single carb webbers for 1.3/1.6 capris, cortinas, seirras etc will fit though some may need a new air filter (pipercross or K&N). Next you can go to double down draught, again originally for the cars above though you will need a special maniford or converter plate (though some argue that the converters are crap). This is as far as I think you can go for the road. After this comes swan necks etc. where I started. Talk to Ken at highgates(see links), he could probably sort you out.  
19/11/2003 13:50:39   steve h   and that should read:..lots of power over 5000rpm..  
19/11/2003 16:55:13   Richard   If its the 40 dfi on ebay at the mo then it will fit, this carb is the one to use for max tuning of the 4 stud manifold. You will need a 4 stud manifold and vac plate to take the 40, which I believe to be tappered so the butterflies can open.
I would say its a waste on a std 1500cc unit, you need the cam and heads sorting extra to get the best from it. If you want to see an increase in power on a shoe string, change the exhaust and carb together. Buy a jetex system and a 34 ich with the larger choke which will bolt straight on (I bought a ICH for 5 the other day at Newark). The other options are Weber 28/36 DCD and a solex 32/32 which was sold as a tune up kit for the V4. You can get away with an adaptor plate to turn the 2 stud manifold into a 4 stud (SAH made such an item), or buy the correct and better 4 stud manifold, which you will require if you go for the solex With saab air box.
With a std 1500cc engine there is no real benifit running a bigger carb, these two with the correct chokes (weber has removable chokes) and jets will cope with a road rally cam and some head work.  
26/11/2003 09:52:38   Jim   Thanks Guys.

Just got back to work after having the car worked on for a couple of days (Jetex exhaust, AVO shocks, Goodridge brakes and a few more goodies). You have given me plenty to go for the next shopping spree.
26/11/2003 12:23:53   Richard   Sounds like you are going about it the right way, sorting the brakes and suspension before the power.  

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