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19/11/2003 22:27:51   Alistair   Got a query from a new SOC member which some of you guys may be able to help me fathom.

Chap has a 96V4, chassis no. 96611596 and used to bear the reg no. LEJ 592 J. It's been off the road for many years and there is no V5 log book, but the new owner needs proof of the car's age for competition use. VIN plate on bulkhead and stamp under rear seat match.

Other details from the colour code plate are:

The car was originally a dark blue colour but is
now orchid white.

The previous owner is sure the vehicle was 70/71 but alas no logbook.

Now, I can't fathom the VIN number as it seems to me to be a 61 model year chassis number (or is this before the 96xy blah blah format when xy = model year?).

Also, isn't Gn7h Verona Green?

Is this a bullnose with long-nose front grafted on or is it pukka? There was no engine fitted when the car was purchased.

Any help much appreciated!

19/11/2003 23:17:57   chris   chassis # is a 1971 year and the car was built in Sweden.The year #'s started in 1972 Is there a tax disc? that can help THe color plate is wrong as gn7h is a 1972 color.It was the 11595th car built for that years production SAAB start their model year in September  
20/11/2003 08:39:55   Alec   Yes, my chassis is 96609212 (not far away) and mine was registered in December 1970 and is 1971 model year.  
30/11/2003 22:27:18   Alistair   Thanks chaps
apparently the colour is Tyrol Green.  

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