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19/11/2003 22:58:43   James   Hi again, I have being some work with the guys from Getrag (they make transmissions for Fords amongst others) they informed me that several other boxs could be mated with the v4 engine. Is this true? They said, for example, that the 5 speed box from a Commer would work! Has anyone ever tried to mate a different box with any sucess?  
19/11/2003 23:22:09   chris   I think that they are confusing it with the V4 essex engine from the corsair! is the commer fwd  
20/11/2003 07:58:39   Richard   The rear engine bolt positions are a std ford layout from what I gather, therefore you could fit a number of boxes to the car, but most will be RWD. This also may work the other way round, being able to replace the engine with some other ford lump i.e. V6 etc etc.  
20/11/2003 09:04:19   James   To Chris, I don't think they have distinguished between F/RWD, so next time I see them I make sure we are all speaking the same Language! My question still remains though, has anyone ever fitted a different box of any discription?  
23/11/2003 16:06:37   Dave   I'm looking to also mate a V4 with a rear-wheel drive transmission in the U.S.. I was told that trans from Ford Courier truck - among others - would work but that doesn't seem to be true. The bellhousing from a Ford 4-wheel drive SUV mates up, but I don't want an extremely heavy automatic transmission in the Lotus 7-clone I'm building.  
24/11/2003 08:01:16   Richard   Any car that used the ford v6 will fit, but this would not be common in the U.S. Maybe the old ford V8 could be worth a look. I have seen a V4 engined Marcos at some time in the UK.  

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