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19/08/2002 21:58:00   Gareth EP   Hello again. Just to let you know the car passed its MOT last week and has been my transport for the last few days i'm hooked already but i am wondering if there is any way to lengthen the gearing (are larger diffs available) finally what sort of value should i set redline at? my Haynes manual says maximum power is at c.4700 so this would seem a good start point is this optimistic/conservative or about right? obviously i want to balance the needs of an old engine with the most available useable power so any thoughts would be apreciated


20/08/2002 21:37:09   Curtis   Hello gareth, I'm a friend of jakes just returned from my hols. Noticed the part about tuning the V4.
I,m just about finished my restoration and basically have prepared the car for light rallying .
started with rear suspension using heavy duty springs for a 95V4 and new dampers , and shortened the straps. Put on a 95V4 rear axle which has stronger stub axles.
Front suspension I'm using 99turbo rear springs (from euro carparts -much cheapness)and new dampers for the front.Heard this was what Saab used for rallying.
Don't beleive I'll need a anti roll bar but you never know!
Most of the stuff is on the web,all the panels have been replaced and second hand good doors attached plus respray.
I have three engines and plan on tuning each to different levels.
The completed one has been heavily re-ported and has had a twin choke inlet manifold from motorsport sweden put on it which was still modified and a Weber 32/36 dgav attached (the dgav denotes automatic choke I think but this was altered)Hope to get 100 bhp at best.(Hope it's more)
2nd engine has also been heavily re-ported has also had the flywheel lightened , I'm currently trying to get east of Scotland Engineering to sort out the larger valves problem. A Kenlowe fan would also release more power and I could still use the current inlet/ carb set up for some pretty serious power.Also Kent cams have confirmed they can reprofile the camshaft for about 90
The third engine I'm not sure yet who knows what, either turbo just to see what it's like , or go the crossover manifold with twin Dellorto.
Lastly the correspondence I've had with Mats @ Motorsport Sweden was that they have tried a number of different carb set ups;
32/36 Weber dgv for up to 110-120 hp. The weber 40 Dfi (the holy grail) gives up to 130 hp but can go dry when turning heavily one way and drown in it the other . It's not possible to adjust the float level to get rid of this problem
He also stated that a Weber 36/36 DCD would be a good alternative for rallying.
I'll try and dig some more info for you , hope this note won't be too much .
All the best.  
20/08/2002 23:16:19   Alec   Wow, You have been busy Curtis!  
21/08/2002 23:03:22   Gareth   Thanks Curtis usefull information. with regard to Weber designations the A in DGAV is for Automatic Choke, D means Downdraught and the V is a factory designator. Are the spares from Euro car parts for the saab 96 of reasonable quality as i have had mixed experiences with their parts for other cars. Lastly i am looking at getting a local exhaust company to make a custom exhaust does anyone have any suggestions for bore etc. ?

Cheers for all your support


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