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23/11/2003 16:01:24   Dave   I'd like to place a V4 in a Lotus-7 I'm building but cannot find a machine shop that will hook the engine up to a rear-wheel drive transmission. Is there any transmission that will bolt up to the V4 with little or no alteration?  
23/11/2003 16:47:55   Senor Burt   It will definitely bolt up to a Ford Granada/ Capri box as the V6 engine used in these cars will bolt straight onto a SAAB V4 box.(It is basically the same engine plus two cylinders)
I would guess that most RWD Ford boxes have the same mounting pattern. EG Escort or Cortina.  
23/11/2003 16:50:03   Senor Burt   Oh I see you're in America. They didn't have those cars over there did they?  
24/11/2003 09:45:48   Senor Burt   V6 Mustang?  
24/11/2003 12:22:49   Richard   Any car that used the ford v6 will fit, but this would not be common in the U.S. Maybe the old ford V8 could be worth a look. I have seen a V4 engined Marcos at some time in the UK.  
24/11/2003 18:46:09   Alec   I believe that the ford transit had a V4 at some point if that helps.  

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