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23/11/2003 20:17:00   Stewart Howson   Stewart Howson
Near Alnwick Northumberland
Sometime ago I posted a message re my recently aquired semi rally prepared 96. Its engine was not as "on song" as it should be. Well things detieriorated when it let go with a big bang. So it went to see Ken & Melvyn at Highgate.As a newcomer to Saabs I've found out thatit seems that they get a bad press. I have to say that I,m really pleased with the way they've dealt with me, arranging to have the car picked up and then consulting with me at each stage of the investigations and rebuild to keep costs down.The cars back running well and sounding really good.
My family used to own a garage in Sheffield so I'm not a complete newcomer to the world of motor traders and have been running a kitcar for some time so am used dealing with various dealers etc.
I felt the dealt with me fair and square
The cars off to Simon at SMJ Motorsport at Morpeth for some body tidying I discovered Simon and his very neat Stage Rally 96 a few miles from my home in Northumberland only last week!
Incidentally a few weeks ago on the A1 Junction at Stannington north of Newcastle an old gent (80 odd)seeing my 96 got out of a 900 and regaled me with his early Saab owning days including his 2 stroke which seemed to have been used recently by Saab in some sort of display. I had to leave as traffic was building up behind me and couldn't have a decent chat. Would anyone know who the gent was ?
23/11/2003 22:05:32   John G   I have been dealing with Highgate fof a few months now and have found them most helpfull. I have been restoring a 2 stroke and have run into a few problems, a quick call to Highgate and problem solved. They have sent me a few hard to find bits within 24 hrs and when a mistake was made (my fault for not explaining properly) the correct items were sent before I had even sent the wrong items back! Last weekend I was in the area , I live on the south coast, so I made the most of it and paid a visit. two nicer gents you couldnt meet. If this kind of service is "bad" then please point me in the direction of better.  
23/11/2003 22:51:45   James Ayres   I too would like to add my comments regarding Highgate. I have had 5 or 6 dealings with them in the past few months and have been more than happy with their professional and friendly service, always spot-on and helpful to an unbelievable level. Long may they continue to give their enthusiastic and committed service to us 96 owners.  
24/11/2003 09:50:37   Richard   Just out of interest what was wrong with the engine? I take it a rod/valve or cam gear went?  
15/12/2003 10:26:20   corneliu   I am looking for some V4 parts and info. Could you please indicate to me the Highgate Saab phone number (their website seems to be down...)?

Many thanks,
15/12/2003 11:55:26   corneliu   Many thanks!  
15/12/2003 12:51:02   Alec   It is linked correctly on this site!  
15/12/2003 13:55:09   steve h   I would like to join this Mel and Ken Fan club page. They have been sorting me out for parts for 10 years now and have made owning a 30 year old car as easy (easier) and cheaper than owning a modern car. Without their support I might have had to reavaluate the practicality of owning a 96 as my only car,(apart from the other 96).

So Happy Christmas to you Mel and Ken and I haven't forgotten about the restoration I asked you about some months back. Ive just been crap at getting stuff together.  
15/12/2003 16:20:22   James Ayres   I just want to add that since my last posting I bought electronic ignition from Highgate and gave them a ring for advice (I was having problems fitting it) and as usual they were brill, spending loads of time on the phone with me talking me through potential problems. They sorted out my problem in their usual friendly and professional way. So I also add "merry Christmas to all at Highgate".  

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