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25/11/2003 11:44:37   toby burnham   just started restoration of a 1973 96 V4. Can any body tell me where i can get sill/floor repair sections from.the carb fitted to my car is a replacement (weber) but there is no proper fitting for the airfilter whitch looks like its from a later ford model.does anyone have a original fomoco carb, brackets,and air filter or air filter and brackets to fit the weber carb.Is the beading that goes between the body and the wings still avaliable.I have for sale/swop 2x O/S front wings 1x front panel .will swop for carb or sills  
25/11/2003 12:33:47   Richard   You could make the lower sills by using two long pieces of angle trapped between two vices at each end with the 16 swg steel plate (sill) in-between. The angle acts as a fold line so you can bend it.
Otherwise any of the Saab specialist that advertise for the older Saab will be able to supply the parts see links page.
If you have a friend in a engineering role ask them if they can have them bent, at my place the cost of these parts would be a few pounds bent on an industrial 'V'.
25/11/2003 14:15:39   Senor Burt   Unless you are planning on entering concours events where originality matters, I would stick with the Weber. It is a far better carb.
I don't know what other people do, but you may be able to persuade the original filter housing to fit.
I ran a K&N filter on mine.
If you really want a fomoco carb & filter, I can probably dig one out for you from my pile of useless spares.  
25/11/2003 18:41:02   Alec   For the sills, try Andy on the links page.  

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