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25/11/2003 15:16:17   James Ayres   I have just fitted a petronix electronic ignition unit, it really is easy to fit and the car started first turn - no problem. However on a long run to test it out, although the car ran okay, it just wasn't quite as refined as it usually is and the tick over is a little lumpy. Any suggestions?  
25/11/2003 16:41:42   Richard   First just double check everything and make sure you have the correct timming as sometimes it can go out as you tighten the dizzy. I would run the wires for the unit away from the HT leads. Maybe the mixture may need a little fine tuning?  
26/11/2003 07:41:42   Tom   I've fitted two of these and both times had to tweak the timing.  
30/11/2003 22:34:12   Alistair   Did you put any fuel in on your "long run"? Could be some crap or water in the fuel (haven't we been here before?!)  
03/12/2003 21:46:37   James Ayres   I don't know if this makes a difference, but the car goes fine when warmed up. When colder it seems to struggle and cough a little but only a little! Does this suggest anything?  
11/12/2003 14:23:17   James Ayres   Hello all, finally got round to checking the timing - it was a mile out! I don't know how the car kept going at all! Tweaked it, and now she's going like a dream. Once again, thanks for all your help.  

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