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25/11/2003 16:45:25   Toby burnham   does anyother ford dizzy fit the V4 engine (kent or pinto)
is there a company that can rebush the unit.the clutch on my 1973 v4 was replaced by the last owner in august but the pedal has to be pushed right to the floor to change gear.I have bleed the system and that seems fine,is there any adjustment that can be made in the linkage mechanism,any suggestions,ideas thanks.

25/11/2003 18:39:38   Alec   As far as the clutch is concerned the you can adjust the free play with the small bolt sticking out of the back of the gearbox bell housing. You need about 4mm free play at the end of the slave cylinder (fold back the rubber and push it)  
25/11/2003 21:33:33   Mikko   A washer between slave cylinder and clutch housing (to move the cylinder forward)may cure the problem, if the free play adjustement doesn't help.  
26/11/2003 09:28:56   Rupert Elmore   Have you bled the system with a pressurized bleeding device (easy-bleed)? As i have found it can be near impossable to get all the air out by foot/clutch peddle method.
26/11/2003 09:42:06   Alec   Thats true Rupert, a good trick is to get an old master cylinder cap and fit a tyre valve to it. Then you can attach a foot pump and pressurise the master cylinder to bleed it.  

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