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27/11/2003 19:39:56   chilli   I tried to start up the v4 95 today and there was nothing doing. The battery was fine. So I'm assuming its the starter motor. I am right to make that jump? Any tips re removal and refitting?  
28/11/2003 11:11:40   Senor Burt   If nothing happens at all when you turn the key, it's possible that it is the solenoid at fault. You would hear it clicking in otherwise. Check the connections and that you are getting power to the solenoid terminal.
I think it is possible to remove and replace it without taking off the starter motor.  
28/11/2003 13:44:13   Nick   I had a sticky starter motor for a while. A wack with a big stick sorted mine out. Not had a problem with it since!  
28/11/2003 14:28:57   ian   big stick or hammer usually does trick...lock the free wheel in and in gear rock car back and forewards...worth a try  
28/11/2003 22:25:35   ian f   It's just a guess.
Have you checked out the wiring connections on the solenoid. One of the smaller wires to the starter is connected via a spade terminal. The connector may have parted or the the wire might have broken away from the terminal.  
28/11/2003 22:26:22   louis   I would say that a metalic instrument is better as the brushes in the starter might be sticking, for this you turn the key and hit at the same time! It is possible but you need long arms. Although I have only had this problem on a hot engine. Bare in mind that you need to lift the engine slighlty to get the starter out so be sure that it is at fault and not something else!!! Happy fidling!

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