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30/11/2003 23:38:37   Alistair   If anyone's interested, I recently received this....

Hello...I have purchased the remains of a solex distributor here in the USA and I have for offer to Saab people a few solex parts...for the Solex 40AI carb, i have a number of the base throttle with plate and ahsft..solex number 70479/4..these are all new items, none are used or rebuilt....priced at $25.00 each plus shipping, and I will do a discount on orders of 10 or more....if you or any of your members have an interset, please let me know....Thanks...Mike DiCola

Michael DiCola
P.O.Box 340
11 Crestview Drive
Hadley, Mass. 01035

email the chap at:


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