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30/11/2003 23:40:54   Alistair   Chaps
The organisers of Saabscene (another saab related website) have asked me to publicise this. From what I saw of the pictures of this year's event, it was great fun if a little damp...

Let me know if any of you plan to go as I might come along myself.


We are building on the success of our first ever Saab only trackday that was held at Anglesey Circuit, North Wales, on 30th June 2003.

Some 17 Saabs, including 99turbos, classic 900s, 9000s, 9-3s and a 9-5, and an greater number of drivers participated on the track itself. More Saabs and spectators attended on the day.

SaabScene Trackday 2004 is on Friday 2 July 2004 at Anglesey Circuit. More information about the 2004 event and a booking form is available for download from

01/12/2003 07:47:19   Richard   I can go testing for 45 per day (9am to 4.30 pm) so I think I will give it a miss.  
01/12/2003 16:48:25   Alistair   And I thought you'd be keen to show up some of the "Vauxsaabs" you're so disparaging about!  
02/12/2003 08:00:53   Richard   We lapped a st1 Skooby road car in 10 laps around Blyton with the instructor driving and were only a handfull of seconds of the time set by the fastest Clio cup driver so I am happy with that. To be honest 20 laps and I am bored of going round in circles, its much harder driving wise on the stages you have to read the road and if you cock up end up hitting something solid (my heart does not pound on a track, but trees test your mental ablity). If I am going to spend over 100 then I would enter a single venue rally, its going to help me and my co-driver become quicker on rallys than a track day. Another problem is that the Saab (correction me) will probably roll on tar with the forest set up and tarmac tyres.
If you want next time go testing I may ask if there is any interest from the competition boys/girls to join us so we can get our heads together to extract more speed.  
02/12/2003 09:32:28   Colin   Richard I share your thoughts on 100 + for track day, although a few years ago I did spend 20 with the Alpha club and had a blast round Knockhill with them. There was nothing to match the Turbo there, although I found 5 laps was my max with standard pads in.
I saw your response re Robin Hood in March, anything less than your twin carbs would just have the power sapped away on the sandy corners in some of those stages.
If you are planning a test day early in the new year perhaps you could give me a shout, depending on the build status of my car I could be interested.  
02/12/2003 16:05:48   Alistair   Rich - Fair point. I'll just have to hitch a ride with you some time, sounds like fun to me :-)  
02/12/2003 16:37:44   Richard   Al you can have a drive in it if you can reach the pedels and see over the dash (I'm 6'2").
Colin, I should be giving the car a run before the Robin Hood just to make sure everything is Ok after our crash, Malbrad's maybe interested and I will give Dave Barrow a call near the time. I would test at Rally drive near Gainsbrough or I might try the bloke that owns PEC tyres, he has loose and a tarmac test area.
Are you still doing the endurance stuff or are you going to make a return to the stage events (get Darlington out too)?  
02/12/2003 17:29:14   Colin   It looks as though the plans are for staging next year, there's a "Proper Rally" next November that I'm interested in doing. I'm seeing PD this weekend I'll mention the testing, he's still rebuilding his from his Mull crash last year. It would be good to get a gaggle of 96's out even just for a test.  
03/12/2003 08:04:39   Richard   Andrew Street is going to do the RAC in November, I would if A, I think I can get to the end of it. B, if I could find the cash. I would service for anyone who needs a hand though.
It would be good to have Paul along as I would like him to drive my car and see what he thinks (drive not roll).  
03/12/2003 18:12:14   Alistair   Hmm. Nice offer Rich, thanks, though I'm 5'11" with short legs & long back so seeing should be fine but pedals maybe just too awkward, we'll have to see some time! :-D  
03/12/2003 18:58:26   Alec   short legs & long back

Like a sausage dog then Alistair!!

04/12/2003 08:13:28   Richard   you will have to get a pair of platforms.  
05/12/2003 15:31:00   Alistair   Woof!!  

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