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01/12/2003 18:39:29   Alec   We all get loads of spam - I know I get at least 40 a day. Just to let you all know that your email addresses should be safe in this discussion board as now where in the source of the pages is your complete email address so it can't be picked up.
Just a little trick I put in place to try and stop some of the dodgy emails.  
01/12/2003 18:40:43   Alec   Sorry, forgot to say that currently the same is NOT true in the adverts pages although I shall convert those soon.  
01/12/2003 23:00:51   Simon   Thank you Alec,
Just to say that I for one think/cross that/ know that you are doing a fantastic job here with your site and very much appreciated it is to.
A sterling service to the old ladies and their owners :-)  
02/12/2003 14:11:41   jake   i'll second that  

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