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05/12/2003 06:04:21   KEV   what's the freewheel and what does it do?  
05/12/2003 06:08:05   KEV   i know i probabably sound thick. i understand what freewheeling means but how does it work on the 96?  
05/12/2003 08:11:59   Alec   You activate it with the handle under the heater outlet near the floor. Only do this when the car is stationary and in neutral.
When on it means as you lift you foot of the gas the car will drop to idle revs and coast, as soon as you put the power back on and the revs reach the speed of the car the drive is resumed.  
05/12/2003 09:05:33   Nick   I don't know about anyone else but I use it all the time. It's a great feature of my 96 if a little scary at times!  
06/12/2003 11:23:21   Senor Burt   Further to Alec's explaination. It basically means you can change gear without using the clutch whilst moving.  
06/12/2003 14:18:23   James Ayres   I understood it was only for bad (snow and ice) weather or for rolling hills, that sort of thing, otherwise I leave it in freewheel mode all the time...  
06/12/2003 17:54:02   Alec   I always leave mine in freewheel as it reduces engine wear and petrol consumption also.  
07/12/2003 19:05:28   ian f   With the freewheel engaged, there's no engine/gearbox braking - it's all on the footbrake. It's a great laugh especially your first bend on a steep hill! I can't remember the last time I drove a V4 without the freewheel on.  
08/12/2003 09:35:59   Senor Burt   If you are in an area with lots of downhill you should lock the freewheel. I had a bad case of brake fade once which was a bit scary.
Other than that, you can leave the freewheel in all the time.  
09/12/2003 07:48:30   Richard   Had the discs glowing orange on the 'shed' going home from work, but the brakes did not fade, they probably burnt though (not advisable).  
09/12/2003 08:16:40   ian f   Senor Burt, are you feeling OK? You're going soft on us are you? I hope you're not mistaking 'mildly interesting' for 'a bit?. If you are, a quick fix is to have Santa bring you a new chest-wig, a bigger false moustache (the 'Merv the Swerve' should be OK)and a bigger medallion.

I've already order mine! When I get them I'll be able to drive my V4 in the vertical like Richard in the latest Driver. Spectacular photograph or wot?

09/12/2003 09:08:10   Senor Burt   When you are going down a 1 in 5 and suddenly discover you have no brakes and another car is stopped in front of you AND the shiny 96 in question belongs to your other half - it's a bit scary!  
09/12/2003 10:24:57   Alistair   By the way Burtie boy, when is this mad 95 of yours going to be finished?!  
09/12/2003 12:32:16   Richard   You have to look like a 70's pornstar with your front teeth knocked out to enter Historic rallies, its in the small print.  
09/12/2003 13:05:18   ian f   Senor Burt,

Ahhh....the threat of the 'other half'.... now this is a concept I understand! I unreservedly retract the question about you going soft on had every right to be scared!!!  
09/12/2003 17:15:42   Senor Burt   The 95 project is currently held up by weather and lack of funds. It's still sitting on the drive in bits. I really must get it done for next summer though.  

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