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05/12/2003 13:00:41   Alec   At the time of looking (5/12 13:00) this car in the States was at 57p!!!

05/12/2003 16:48:14   David   I wonder what the seller's definitions of "unused" and "v good condition" really mean?  
06/12/2003 11:28:48   Senor Burt   The seller claims it's a 1965 model, but it's a long nose. Surely SAAB didn't make the long nose until 66/67. Doesn't say if it's a V4 or a stroker. V4 came out in 1967.  
06/12/2003 13:11:44   Senor Burt   I've just looked at it again, it says CARD not car!  
06/12/2003 17:54:58   Alec   Ooops  
06/12/2003 20:06:49   ian   it looks like a 65/66 monte carlo...2 stroke...the side trim looks like this v4 badges on 57p it is over priced  

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