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05/12/2003 16:55:09   David   Anyone here an expert (well, maybe has some experience!) on removing the headlining from a 95V4 estate. I've removed the rear door and seal so the padded cushion is hanging loose but I haven't worked out how to proceed. Manuals are pretty useless - zero info! - and I don't want to rip it as it's destined for my project 95 which currently has no lining at all (ripped out by vandals at previous owner's). Help, please ......  
20/12/2003 16:01:14   David   Haven't had much in the way of response on this one!! Either everyone's headlining is immaculate and doesn't need touching ... or you've all left it to the "experts". Still trying to fathom it out. As the car is being cut up into tiny pieces (so I can take it to the local tip) I may just wait until I rip the roof off! Surely someone has tackled this job before?

Happy Crimbo etc.  
20/12/2003 17:04:35   Alec   Sorry David, I have only ever done one on the 96 which is different.  
22/12/2003 12:52:00   Richard   I have only done a head lining on a 96 too, but it is very easy to rip and can only be described as touch paper as is sets on fire so easy. I would remove all the rubbers it is traped behind and ease the areas away from the body where it is glued. Work your way round the bottom, once this is done it should only be hung from the top, you should be able to unhook the lining from the roof (its a long time since I mucked about with a head lining).  
22/12/2003 18:54:37   Iain Campbell   I have a saab workshop manual that as I remember,does actually cover doing this...certainly does for the 96,
unfortunately I can't get at the book to check just now, but in the new year could scan and send the relevant section to you.  
26/12/2003 15:15:51   David   Thanks. The "curtain wire" sems to be hooked into some "brackets" at the C pillars but it's very tight in there and my fingers are too big to "feel" how it's all put together. Based on the principle that "it was put together in the factory, probably at a latter stage of build/trim, therefore it should come apart again" it should be relatively straightforward - but I still haven't worked it out. I really don't want to rip or damage the lining as it's so fragile but, as it's in good shape I want to re-use it. If you are able to find the appropriate detail in a manual I'd be grateful.  
07/01/2004 12:35:25   Iain Campbell   Have photocopied relevant section.
Only one page for the 95...with the classic "reassembly is the reverse of disassembly" and mention of a Saab special tool. Also incuded the 96 pages as there should be some crossover of information.
E-mail me at with your poistal address and I will pop it in the mail to you.  
10/01/2004 22:35:52   David   Thanks, Iain - email sent as requested. Yellow 74 95 is now ready for enhgine removal and removal of selected panels/rear floor then will be consigned to the scrappie. Lots of spare bits adorning my garage/greenhouse/shed/the other two 95 "sheds".  
18/01/2004 11:51:22   David   I'd like to thank Iain publicly for his support - he's sent me the extracts from a Saab manual showing how to remove/refit the headlining in 95s/96s - and generosity. Many thanks and happy Saabing!  

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