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07/12/2003 08:45:56   Tom   If anyone is interested there is a small V4 run from Stocksbridge today (Sunday 7th) to The Strines Inn, in Strines, Peak District. Meeting in Stocksbridge at 12 noon and will be at the pub around 12.30-1pm. Very last minute and informal.  
08/12/2003 16:27:06   ian   too last minute as it is now monday in cardiff....hope your run went well and i envy you, must try this for cardiff area  
08/12/2003 16:50:05   Richard   It was a good day on fun roads away from all the day tripper routes. I did not know but the Manchester area were having a tour around Derbyshire on the same day, but a 99 was the oldest car there from what I heard.  

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