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27/08/2002 10:15:54   Tom   18 months ago i repaired the front wings on my 96 V4 above the indicators by removing them, stripping the steel away beyond the rust, treating, building up with fibreglass and P38, priming, and re-spraying. I see this year that the rust line between the steel and fibreglass has appeared, despite flooping gallons of Dinitrol behind them. How can this sort of thing be avoided? I'm presuming it's the join between the two matyerials actually cracking with vibration. Thanks

27/08/2002 18:08:30   Alec   Yes, I think your assumption is correct. Your options are to replace the wings or get a panel shop to cut out the rusty metal, weld in new and then fill (preferably with lead) the join.
29/08/2002 03:39:07   ethel   Tom,
Here in the northeast United States rust is a way of life. The best and as far as I have found only non-surgical solution is a product called POR-15. Check them out on the web. The stuff really does do what they say. Buy the floor pan kit for $120.00 U.S. and you will have enough for quite a few fenders. Just follow the instructions carefully or you will have a real mess on your hands.
P.S. Great site Alec  
30/08/2002 13:55:52   Tom   Ethel,
Thanks for this advice and info. I will check them out.

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