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09/12/2003 16:36:42   toby   parts req for 1973 96 v4.o/s and n/s sill assemble,front floor/repair panels.does anybody have the telephone number of a supplier thanks.  
20/12/2003 16:06:10   David   I'm scrapping a '74 95 and will be cutting the floor panel out in more-or less one piece if you're interested. Haven't tried to get sills recently but there was a guy in the Poole area who had some new ones for sale a while back. Anyone know who he is? The Swedish Saab Club website also has a spare/parts page and panels occasionally feature on that.  
20/12/2003 17:05:54   Alec   Highgate SAAB do the floor repair panels, also check out Andy's Garage on the links page, he has the sills.  

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